Friday, January 14, 2011

In the beginning...

Hello world, My name is Jordan Coleman (soon to be Vernier) and I am the girlfriend (soon to be wife) of Joshua Vernier. Our main reason for starting this blog is so that we can document our goals and achievements while starting to go Primal. What? Don't know what primal is? Well, that is where we come in. The whole 'Primal' movement was started by Mark Sisson.This man refined that Paleo diet and broke it down so that everyone could reach their goals in the 'physical and psychological' light. Now, I really am not the one who should be explaining this- Josh will have to really shed some vitamin D on this situation. 
...Okay, back on to what I was saying before that tangent. Not only are we creating this blog for the 'Primal" action, but also for our projects, our life, our thoughts, and (if you're really lucky) wedding jitters! Oh boy, I am so excited. Anywho, I figured I would send out my greeting to those of you who came across our blog and I hope you enjoy this interweb journey as much as much as we will.


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