Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blech! -or- Workout at Work? Yes Please!

So I had my first was a mere piece of brownie. Two bites' worth. That's it. No more than that.

Now I feel gross. And tired. But that's actually a good thing. That's the acute effects of the bloating and inflammation caused by grains and sugar. Even longer on the PB (Primal Blueprint for lazy typists) and it feels like a full-on hangover, sometimes lasting well into the next day. More incentive to continue on this path with little deviation!

Moving on to the real topic of the day:

Working out at work!

My new favorite discovery. There's no structure and it's very functional. Since I work at a hardware store, there are many heavy objects that can make for a very good workout. Go ahead and grab a roll of 4' hardware cloth (no, it's not really's metal), hoist it above your head, and do overhead squats with it. Feel the burn! There are many places to do pull-ups. There are 50 lb boxes of nails just waiting to be cleaned and pressed, sledgehammers to be swung (we have a 20 lb beauty), buckets of chain to deadlift, coils of barbed wire to farmers walk, stacks of pallets for both box jumps and deadlifts...the fun never ends!

This kind of stuff is very unstructured and entirely functional. It's spaced out throughout the day so it builds strength without sacrificing your ability to do a more intense workout before or after work. I have found this method to be extremely helpful in building useful strength that isn't limited to the exact movement I use in training. So, be creative! Almost any job can be turned into a workout if you approach it from the a different perspective.


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