Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 6 and counting...

Jordan here. This morning started off well... that is, while I was still lying in bed dreaming of all of the delicious desserts in the world. Joshua woke me up around 8 and gentle nudged me to wake. Then handed me my coffee that he made.... before you say 'aw, how cute', he was technically only bringing it to me for his own defense in the continuing morning battle we have each new day. Jordan wakes up and becomes a- for lack of a better word- bitch. Josh found this out when we first moved in together... So, yeah. But I adore him for waking me up with stars the whole day off better. (:

Anyway, after waking up- I didn't feel very hungry, so I have not eaten much this morning- a piece of cold bacon, couple bites of an apple, and a few spoon fulls of cottage cheese ( after the tub fell out of the fridge and I cried- then josh fixed everything and gave me a spoon)

And here we are...sitting at the table typing away, I am hoping that today will go well...

I will write more later when I get home. 


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